Branding – BlackThorn Nitro Coffee

Fidalgo Coffee is a small, family-owned roastery who makes wonderful gourmet coffees. I was given creative freedom to manipulate and fix current labels, as well as create new labels for limited time offer products.

This is the original concept art for the BlackThorn flavor of Fidalgo’s line of Nitro Coffees.

**PLEASE NOTE** – The original BlackThorn Rabbit artwork is not my design, but it was purchased outright from the artist. My role was to take the artwork and come up with branded products.

BlackThorn Sell Sheet

Created for the sales team to bring to a food vendor conference, this sheet gave insight into the future flavors of Fidalgo Nitro Coffee and helped generate interest while explaining what Nitro Coffee is to people who had never had it before.


Originally BlackThorn was going to be only in kegs, but then someone wise told them to sell it in cans as well as kegs.

For the test batch of canned Nitro Coffee, I was asked to make a black and white label.

The directions I was given indicated the label size, the information that needed to be on it, and that they wanted a “woodsy-looking” label that included the rabbit that was initially adopted as the BlackThorn mascot.

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